In the continuation of the New World Series, I create pictures that translate the feelings involved in building a new life in a young and innocent America. Contemplative and hopeful, these paintings share the emotive ethos of early 19th century American painters who went out to discover this new land.

The New World Series explores the emotive space between the known and unknown. It depicts the landscape between recognizing one's past and taking steps toward an uncertain future.

The Journey series depicts the emotional landscape felt by refugees upon fleeing one life and the necessary hope to rebuild another.

The Transients Series explores the landscape of memory and family. Whether coming into focus or slowly disappearing, the imprint of our history will leave its mark.

The Boat People Series explores the relationship between personal identity and historical categorization.

The Refugee Pictures is the first series where I confront and own my Vietnamese American identity. This series came directly after my first trip back to Vietnam, 27 years after my parents and family fled the country.